Proofreading and Copy Editing

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Proofreading and copy editing services provides a professional review of your written work that will ensure it is error free and conveys your message to the reader.

Proofreading Service:

Basic Proofreading

We proofread your written work to spot basic grammar errors, weak sentence construction and anything else that stops your written message being understood.

Beyond Basic Proofreading

We can take you written communication and improve its word choice, communication impact and its reader connection wording.

A written report on our proofreading work that includes suggested corrections will be issued to you.

Copy Editing:

We edit your written work covering correction of spelling and grammar errors as well as re-writing and rearranging your words to improve the flow of your writing. We can also work on reducing the word count of your written communication.

A written report on our copy editing work that includes suggested corrections will be e-mailed to you.


Contact us with your requirement and we will issue you with a competitive quote. We only undertake small scale proofreading and copy editing projects so our prices are competitive.

How do I hire your proofreading and copy editing service?

To find out how our proofreading and copy editing service can help your written communication contact us.

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